4th August, 2023

Please see the “NEWS” of the Japanese-language version of the website for more information.

Facility Information

1F Entrance

[Free Area]

Up-Close View of the
Production Line & ROYCE’ Shop

At the back of our spacious entrance hall, there is an area where you can see our mold chocolate production line.
The adjacent ROYCE’ Town Factory Shop offers a wide variety of products, including over 200 types of chocolates and baked confections, as well as this shop limited “Farm to Bar” chocolate, breads, and soft-serve ice cream, ROYCE’ Town Station-related products, and unique merchandise that make great souvenirs. Eat-in area is also available where you can enjoy the products you purchased at our shop.

*Merchandising permission granted by JR Hokkaido

Cacao Farm Zone

Travel to the ROYCE’ Farm and
Learn About Cacao

In a space that recreates the atmosphere of the ROYCE’ Cacao Farm in Colombia, South America, visitors can learn about the cacao cultivation that ROYCE’ is involved in, and also discover trivia and other information about cacao itself through hands-on experiences.

Factory Tour Zone

The ROYCE’ Chocolate Factory,
Where the Excitement Never Ends

In this area, watch and play while learning how the cacao beans that are delivered to the factory become chocolate. Also take a tour of an actual cacao bean processing plant and an area where you can make chocolate by way of playing various games, which both adults and children greatly enjoy.

Chocolate Workshop

Make Chocolate Like No Other in the World!

Sprinkle your favourite toppings, such as dried fruits, nuts, and more, on a large chocolate bar and create your own chocolate! Put it in its own special package and create a souvenir that is truly like no other.

*Photos are for illustrative purposes.

ROYCE’ Collection Street

Collections and Art Related to Chocolate and the History of ROYCE’

The exhibition features a valuable collection of chocolate labels, tins, and ect. related with chocolate from around the world, as well as other items that show the packaging and history of ROYCE’. The museum also has antiques, paintings, and wood carved bears on display.

Building Map

Chocolate Workshop

Available to Tour Participants Only

*The experience fee is charged separately from the admission fee.

Visitors can make their own chocolates
by sprinking the toppings of their choice on a large bar of chocolate
(approx. 23cm x 12cm).
You can choose the type of chocolate as well as other ingredients
such as nuts and dried fruits, and decorate it as you wish.
You can put it in the special packaging of your choice and take it home with you.

Who Can Participate
Available only to those who participate in the tour.
A workshop-only experience separate from the tour is not available.
*For small children or those who need assistance, one person may accompany them.
Time required
Approx. 30 minutes
Adults & Children: 1,500 yen per person
Please purchase a ticket from the ticket machine in front of the Workshop venue and give it to the staff at the entrance.
*The workshop fee is charged separately from the admission fee for the facility.
*Advance bookings are not available for the workshop.
10:30-16:30 (reception until 16:00)

*Subject to change depending on the situation

Visitor Information & Access

Visitor Information & Access

Facility Hours & Admission Fees

10:00-17:00 (last entry at 15:00)
*Closed on random days
*1st-floor shop: 9:00-18:00
*Hours and other details are subject to change depending on the situation
Adult (ages 16 and over): 1,200 yen
Child (ages 4 to 15): 500 yen
Child (under age 3): Free of charge
Holder of a disability certificate: 500 yen (one accompanying person also 500 yen)
*Admission is subject to restriction depending on the number of reservations.

*Advance bookings are required for admission. Please purchase tickets from the booking page.
*Bookings and admission fees are not required to visit the entrance area on the 1st floor
(shop, mold chocolate production line factory tour area, etc.).


Bitoe 640-15, Tobetsu, Ishikari-gun, Hokkaido 061-3775
0570-055-612 (10:00-17:00)
*For bookings and other inquiries, please contact us via e-mail
(e-mail address: royce.cct@royce.com).
*E-mail for sales or other business purposes will not be accepted. Any such e-mails will not receive a response.
By Car

*Time required varies greatly depending on the season, weather, traffic, and road conditions.

By Train

Free Shuttle Bus Timetable
*Please check the status of JR train service when using the shuttle bus.

Points of Note

[Points of Note While Inside the Facility]

・Please place your umbrella in the umbrella stands located at the entrance to the building.
If you bring your umbrella into the facility, please keep it in your own umbrella bag.
・Please use the lockers on the 1st floor for storing any baggage you bring with you (free of charge).
Lockers are only available for use on the day of your visit (during opening hours).
・Smoking is prohibited throughout the premises.
Please also refrain from bringing in alcoholic beverages or entering the facility while under the influence of alcohol.
・Please refrain from bringing pets or other animals.
Guide dogs, hearing dogs, service dogs, and other assistance dogs are permitted, but there may be instances in which they are not allowed to enter the Chocolate Workshop.
・Children in the second grade of elementary school or younger should be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and we ask that you please supervise your children appropriately.
・We are not responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur due to negligence on the part of visitors, or problems between visitors that occur. ・We reserve the right to deny use of the facility to anyone who is found to be behaving in ways that disturb other visitors. ・Some exhibits may not be available in the event of malfunction of equipment or the communications environment within the facility.
Thank you for your understanding.
・Some exhibits may be touched, but there is a risk of damage if they are handled roughly.
There are also items that may not be touched, so please pay attention to the signs inside the facility.
・In the event that a visitor damages any facilities or exhibits, either intentionally or due to negligence, they may be required to pay for the damage.

[Points of Note Regarding Ticket Purchases]

・Please make ticket bookings and purchases for admission to the facility on the reservation page in advance. ・Tickets can be booked and purchased up to 1 hour before admission. ・Tickets for admission to the facility can be refunded up to 1 hour before the booked admission time.
・Please purchase tickets for the Chocolate Workshop experience from the ticket machine in front of the Workshop venue. Bookings are not available. ・Please keep your ticket (the 2D barcode issued to you at the time of purchase) until you complete the tour.
Please also keep your Chocolate Workshop experience ticket until the experience is finished.
・We do not respond to inquiries about booking availability or take bookings over the phone. ・If the booked time and date of your admission ticket is different from the time and date of your visit, you may not be allowed to enter the facility. ・Please check the "NEWS" of the Japanese-language version of the website for information regarding temporary closures due to disasters or other reasons. ・It takes approximately 90-120 minutes just to walk through the facility, though this varies by person.
Please allow an adequate amount of time for your visit.
・When taking photos or video or posting them on social media, etc., please do so in a way that does not disturb other visitors.
Taking photos or videos for commercial use is not permitted.
・Please refrain from using your mobile phone while in areas such as the theater and museum to avoid disturbing other visitors. ・Re-entry is not permitted once you pass through the exit gate. ・Ticket prices and booking/refund periods are subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to enter?
    Please see the “Visitor Information” page for information on admission fees.
  • Where can I buy tickets for admission to the facility?
    Please purchase your tickets from the booking page here.
    *Tickets for the Chocolate Workshop are only available from ticket machine in front of the Workshop venue inside the facility. (Advance bookings are not available.)
  • Can I make a booking for the workshop?
    Bookings are not available for the workshop. On the day of your visit, please purchase tickets from the ticket machine in front of the workshop venue after you enter.
  • What days are you closed?
    The facility is subject to temporary closures, so please see the “NEWS” of the Japanese-language version of the website.
  • What is the suitable age?
    The space is designed to accommodate people who are elementary school age and older.
  • Is there a waiting list for bookings?
    We do not have a waiting list for bookings.
  • Can I take photos or videos inside the facility?
    When taking photos or videos, please do so in a way that does not disturb other visitors.
    Please refrain from using selfie sticks or other such devices and flash photography.
    Additionally, taking photos or videos for commercial use is not permitted.
  • Can children enter without adults?
    Preschool-age children cannot enter without being accompanied by an adult.
  • Are tours and experiences wheelchair-friendly?
    Elevators and slopes are available. Wheelchair users are also able to take part in the Chocolate Workshop experience.
  • Is there car park available?
    Car park is available on-site. (224 lots for car, 5 lots for bus/ free of charge)
    We assume no responsibility for any accidents, problems, theft, etc. that may occur on the premises.
    *The number of parking spaces may vary depending on the time of year.
    *Bookings are not available
  • Is there a pushchair parking area?
    Pushchair parking is available in the locker area on the 1st floor.
  • Are there spaces available for changing a baby nappy and nursing?
    Nappies can be changed in the multipurpose space (restroom).
    There are no dedicated nursing areas available.

E-mail address for other inquiries


*We will respond to inquiries in the order in which they are received, but please note that it may take some time to reply depending on their content. Thank you for your understanding.